Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 30 2011

Zoom Whitening for Sultry and Seductive Smile

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A smile is a very powerful feature in a person. Sometimes it’s all it takes to attract a lot of people; not the clothes nor a well-chiseled face. It’s because a pleasing smile can bring about positivity and leave a memorable impression. But makes a really sexy smile? Besides a nice dental structure, it’s obviously the color of your teeth. Yellow teeth can be a major turn off. They look unnatural and dirty. The stains can get rid of the vibrance and attractiveness of anyone’s smile. Those who hardly brush, always smoke, are growing old, or are eating too much colored food (artificial or natural) can suffer from stained teeth. So the real question is, how does one achieve a sexy smile despite all the teeth staining factors? The real solution is Zoom whitening, the newest whitening technology that deeply whitens teeth with the help of laser light.The ultimate solution is Zoom whitening, the new and well developed whitening system that whitens teeth deeply using both whitening gel and laser light. So you can easily get a vibrant smile with just one treatment.

What happens during the treatment and is there no harm in getting it? Zoom whitening is a simple one-hour treatment that ought to give you whiter teeth by up to ten shades, for a whole year or so. The dentist just cleans your teeth, applies protective material around your gums and on your lips, and begins applying the bleaching gel. The gel is basically composed of bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Upon actuation, the chemicals react and oxygen molecules are released, which then break the stains away. After the application of the gel in-chair laser will be used to actuate the gel, and have it penetrate the teeth and melt the stains away; leaving your with dazzling white teeth. With regards to side effects, you only need soothing gel after the treatment as your teeth may be extra sensitive. But it is assured that Zoom whitening is safe. It’s because the right amount of bleach and hydrogen peroxide are used, and a professional dentist performs the procedure.

The treatment is for $500. But if you want to avail of the $890 whitening package, it would be more beneficial. The package will cover consultation, Zoom whitening treatment, and custom-fitted trays and whitening gel for home maintenance.

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