Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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December 10 2009

Zoom Teeth Whitening Review – Is it the Best Tooth Whitening Product?

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If you have the kind of yellow chompers that give small children nightmares, you probably already know that you need to invest in a tooth whitening product.  But even people whose teeth are just a little discolored will benefit from the immediate self esteem boost you get when you whiten your teeth.  When your smile sparkles, you’ll definitely notice a difference in how you feel and how people respond to you.

But how do you find the best tooth whitening product for you?  As a beauty pageant contestant, one of things I kept hearing about over and over was the Zoom teeth whitening program.  Some girls swore by it, so I decided to do my own research on the subject. 

Tooth Whitening Background

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For starters, it’s important to understand a little bit more about how teeth get stained and what you can reasonably expect from a whitening product.  First of all, our teeth naturally get darker as we get older, although if you do things like smoke or drink lots of coffee or dark sodas, you can accelerate this process.  With repeated use, these stains get set deeper and deeper into the teeth, which can make them harder to remove with the simple at home whitening kits you find at the pharmacy.

Normally, when dentists talk about whitening teeth, they use a scale of 16 shades from lightest to darkest.  The at home whitening kits mentioned earlier typically only whiten by 3-5 shades.  If you only have light surface stains, that might be enough for you, but if you have deeper and darker stains, you may need to try something serious.

The Zoom Whitening Program

When I was first researching whitening products, I figured that I needed to lighten my teeth by about 6-8 shades, so at home whitening kits just weren’t going to cut it.  That’s when I started looking into the Zoom teeth whitening program.  Basically, it’s done in a dentist’s office and uses a heavy duty peroxide solution and the Zoom lamp, which is supposed to accelerate the results of the peroxide solution by as much as 26%, whitening your teeth up to 8 shades.

So far, so good, right?  Well, I still wanted to know a little more before I committed, so I started looking around online for actual reviews from people who had used this system before.  Here are a few of the ones I found on a website called

Zoom Whitening Reviews

“Overall, I am happy with my results, I think I got a great bargain, my teeth are white, not somewhat off-white like they used to be. They are grinning at me in the mirror.”

– Dallasjenni, Dallas, TX

“It works but not much better than using the bleaching gel and molds. I had done that alone 10 years ago and had similar results with no side effects. The process is very uncomfortable.  I was in pain for 5 days! Nothing helped. No Joke,this was physically painful and my lips looks disformed for days. Perhaps it was the technician’s mistake but regardless it is not worth the downside reaction to the process.”

– OUCHinNJ, Park Ridge, NJ

“My results were instant and very happy with the level of whitening achieved. Bit painful that night and have ulcers on top and bottom gums. But after 48 hours they have started to dull and have a yellow tinge to them again, i have only had white foods to eat or drink in this time. Very disappointed.”

– Narelle, Melbourne, Australia

My Decision

The thing that concerned me most was the huge potential for pain, although I also read a lot of reviews saying that the Zoom whitening treatment wasn’t as effective as advertised.  My teeth were already a little sensitive – even without whitening treatments – so the thought of doing the Zoom treatment and winding up in excruciating pain was a bit much for me.  Plus, I found out that most people pay anywhere from $300-600 per session, and that it can take several sessions before you really get the results you want.  Even if I had wanted to go ahead with the Zoom whitening program, I definitely didn’t have that kind of money floating around.

Instead, I wound up going with another product that a friend recommended, which you can learn more about at my website – It’s a much gentler product that’s easy to apply and use at home.  Plus, it’s more effective than the average pharmacy kits, so I was able to see the results I wanted without having to spend a lot or deal with the pain that Zoom teeth whitening can cause.  For a limited time, you can try this product out for free (all you pay is the cost of shipping and handling).

So if you’re tired of being embarrassed by your yellow, stained smile, you owe it to yourself to learn more about what I consider to be the best tooth whitening product on the market today.  Don’t wait – join the thousands of happy clients who’ve already experienced the amazing benefits you can have too with this tooth whitening system.