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November 22 2010

You Should Be Aware of the Roots of Teeth Grinding

You Should Know About these Originators of Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is quite common and leads to lots of dental issues. There are lots of reasons for this condition that are both mental as well as physical and there are lots of treatments for it. It is easier to correct teeth grinding when you know why you are doing it and in this article we will look at some of the causes that might be making you develop this habit.

Lots of people who grind their teeth do it while they are catching their zzz’s. The way they recognize the matter is someone who sleeps with them lets them know or their dentist comes across it when he or she sees how awfully worn their teeth have become from years of grinding. Typically, the instigators are mental and due to stress. When it comes to grinding your teeth when you are sleeping, nightmares can be a factor. Chilling dreams or nightmares can be both an indicator and an origin for stress, which in turn can make you start grinding teeth. If you are habitually waking up from alarming dreams and you grind your teeth, it might be a wise initiative to take care of the physical issues and also try to get to the derivation of the stress that’s making the nightmares occur.

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Sometimes dental work such as a filling or other procedure can cause teeth grinding in the patient. This usually happens if the procedure causes the patient to feel discomfort or if it changes the alignment of his teeth. You may unconsciously be trying to return your teeth and jaw to its previous condition. It’s possible that this is only temporary and will stop once you get used to the new work. However, if you notice pain or signs of teeth grinding after the work is completed tell your dentist so that he can double check to make sure that the work was completed correctly. You should also do what you can to stop the grinding, as you don’t want this to become a long term habit.

One problem with teeth grinding is that, like many undesirable habits, it can be hard to break. Sometimes teeth grinding is caused by something that should be temporary, such as a child’s permanent teeth growing in, or a temporary period of stress in someone’s life, but the teeth grinding becomes a permanent habit. It isn’t that different than when someone takes up smoking or drinking to deal with a rough time and then can’t stop once life gets better. While it is true that the younger your habit is, the easier it will be to kick, there is still hope for people who have been grinding their teeth for years.

To sum up, it’s a clever solution to ask your dentist if he or she can help you in finding the reason for your teeth grinding dilemma. If there is a noticeable reason, you can generally aid the teeth grinding by healing the underlying dilemma. In spite of this, even if the triggers are tough to identify, there are ways to take care of it that can be of assistance. Contemplate the contributing elements of teeth grinding that we’ve discussed above and ask yourself if they might be helpful to you.

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