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January 18 2010

Wisdom Teeth – Retain It or Get Rid Of It?

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Quite contrary to its name, wisdom teeth do not bring you extra intelligence. Instead, it is just an additional teeth that some of us have. The wisdom tooth is the third molar. The wisdom tooth generally erupts between the age of 17 and 21. While there are some folks who do not have any kind of difficulty with their wisdom tooth, there are some cases where the wisdom tooth becomes the cause of discomfort.

It has got to be accepted that by the time the wisdom tooth appears, your jaw has been fully established. All other teeth are firmly in place. As a result, the wisdom tooth has to make space for itself, leading to enormous pain in a number of cases. It is possible the tooth be removed if it is causing extreme discomfort.

There are specific circumstances under which the removal of the knowledge teeth becomes imperative. If it is strongly planted in the gum, it may not be removed though. However, if it’s in an irregular position such as twisted or tilted, you might need to get them removed. Wisdom teeth may also be removed if they get trapped below the gum line.

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The very location of the third molar makes it rather inaccessible for normal cleaning systems. Standard tooth brushes can do the job only to a limited extent. This is the reason that various bacteria and other micro organisms accumulate in the 3rd molar along with tartar. The result’s in depth tooth rot which only ends up with removal of the knowledge teeth.

Whether you need your wisdom tooth removed or not would be assesses with the help of an x-ray which help in determining the exact location of the tooth and the urgency-if any- of its removal. What’s more, the x-ray will also help evaluate the best methodology of extraction to be employed in the removal process of the wisdom teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth is not easy. There is severe amount of pain involved, even with anesthetics in picture. While local anesthesia is employed to dim the pain by making the surrounding areas and the molar root numb, the fact that removal must be done by hand using dentistry hardware, implies that not everyone can sustain the process.

Since the tooth is pulled out of the mouth, there may be some bleeding. In such cases, the doctor will insert a gauze into your mouth and ask you to exert pressure on the same with your jaws for the next few hours. This will at last stop the bleeding. Also, it is recommended that you don’t consume anything too hot after a tooth extraction. Instead select something cold which will freeze the blood flow and stop the issue from aggravating further.

be assured that if your knowledge teeth are in the proper place, you have nothing to fret about.