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June 01 2010

Why You Shouldn’t Grind Teeth

A lot of people eventually get to grind teeth at some time or another. This is why many think that there is nothing wrong with this. This is true as long as it is only done on occasion. If gnashing however becomes a regular occurrence, then there might be a real issue in the making that needs to be brought to the attention of a Melbourne dental expert. This is especially if it is done at night.

A person who constantly gnashes often does so involuntarily. This is true regardless of the time of day. In most cases though, people are most unaware of it when they do it at night simply because they are asleep. This is when problems may arise. Gnashing can cause gradual damage in the form of wearing down and chipping. Severe grinding of teeth may also cause gums to recede. Moreover, a person with this condition may begin to experience headaches, facial pain, earache and TMJ disorders.

Obviously, the condition is not one to take for granted. If you don’t take proper steps to address the issue you could end up enduring the pain and discomfort of symptoms and complications for a very long time. You don’t want your dental issues to become so severe that you’d have to undergo complicated dental procedures. Moreover, the sound of nightly gnashing can also become a minor point of contention between you and your sleeping partner.

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One problem with grinding teeth at night is that you may not be able to detect it unless a sleeping companion tells you about it. If you don’t sleep with a person beside you, you may have to rely entirely on symptom detection. Keep in mind though that many of the symptoms of this particular condition can be mistaken for signs of some other medical problem.

The most appropriate way to check if you do grind your teeth is to have your teeth regularly checked. If you’ve unknowingly had the condition for a very long time, a good dentist will be able to see signs of wearing and chipping. These are the top indications that will point that you do grind teeth. If you have any other unexplained pain or discomfort symptoms, tell your dentist about it. These might confirm the initial suspicion of the condition.

Different experts suggest different causes of the condition. These possible causes affect treatment recommendations. Some suggest for example that the condition is the result of stress and tension. In this case, some patients may be required to undergo anxiety management treatment or behavior therapy.

There is also a possibility that teeth grinding can really be just a bad habit. Like all bad habits though, this one dies hard. Again, behavioral remedy approaches may be tried. Some however may opt for more affordable solutions such as using teeth grinding guards.

You may not be able to completely stop grinding teeth at night with a guard. You can however prevent pain and damage. Guards can be purchased over the counter but it is more advantageous to use custom molded guards done by a dentist Melbourne expert for a perfect and comfortable fit.