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January 20 2010

Why You May Need Anbiotics After or Before Dental Surgery

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I have been discovering why dentists will sometimes prescribe antibiotics before or after a dental procedure. I have made up my mind that it is merely for the faster healing of the gums but after doing my research, I was stunned with what I found out. Before or even after a bloody surgical procedure, antibiotics are prescribed but only to those with increased risk of bacterial endocarditis. I used my search engine and found out that bacteria are in abundance in the mouth – but not all kinds of bacteria increases your risk of endocarditis. People with history of the said disease, those with cardiac valve abnormalities and people with congenital heart disease, I may not have mentioned all but they are at highest risk of endocarditis and they have to have prophylactic antibiotic therapy. Bacterial Endocarditis is said to damage the heart valves when the bacteria in the bloodstream embeds in the defective heart valves, then it infects the heart’s inner lining.

You might think that you are not in control of situations such as this but I have read that it helps to maintain maximum care for gums and teeth to prevent undergoing invasive treatments that can lead to endocarditis. You have to also practice great care in flossing or brushing so as not to spread disease as your gums become infected. Ask your dentist about it and the dentist would gladly discuss it with you, as my dentist did.

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Another reason for prophylactic antibiotic treatment is when a patient is diabetic – dentists make sure the patient doesn’t catch infections by healing the gums after an invasive treatment. Our oral health should be properly guarded to prevent any form of infection that might harm our over all well being.

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