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May 19 2011

Why Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Are your wisdom teeth bothering you? Something you have to know is your teeth are very important to your heath and you must get your wisdom teeth checked as well. One reason why individuals do not get in to see their dentists on a regular basis is just because of the price of a dental visit. What you need to know is your teeth can affect your overall health and because of that you need to have your teeth checked as often as you can.

In regards to your wisdom teeth something that you need to understand is when they are not growing properly then your whole mouth is going to bother you. What many people experience is some swelling on the sides of their mouth and in their cheeks. The problem that you will face if your wisdom teeth start hurting is your mouth will become very stiff and closing it will be practically impossible. This is not the biggest problem, the greatest problem is when individuals just pop a pain reliever and think they’ll be ok. You will not be ok because your mouth will keep on getting puffier and at some point you will not be able to eat or drink things.

The most common reason people ever have their wisdom teeth extracted is because they don’t have enough room in their mouth for all their teeth and when this happens you need to take things out in order to let your teeth grow properly. The problem with this is you don’t know if your teeth are going to be able to grow straight until they are actually pressing up against your wisdom teeth and the reason is because your teeth can change their growth pattern at anytime. Something you need to know is that all your teeth except for your wisdom teeth will grow in different directions and can move at any time. This is not something you’ll be able to see by yourself so you’ll want to get a dentist to take a look at your teeth and see what is happening.

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Another thing you must understand regarding having your wisdom teeth extracted is that you should always talk with a dentist and see what your options are and if you really need to get them removed. What lots of people do not understand is that you do not always have to have your wisdom teeth extracted, sometimes individuals will never need them pulled simply because they never got in the way. If both you and your dentist think you do not need your wisdom teeth extracted then you’ll be one of the lucky ones that can skip this painful surgery but if you think it’s time to get them removed then plan accordingly. My advice is to plan your surgery on a 3 or 4 day weekend or an extended holiday of some sort and the reason is because it’ll take you a while to return back to regular health. Believe me when I tell you this because this is exactly what a Utah maxillofacial surgeon told me.