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February 09 2010

Why Do People Fear “The Drill”?

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The drill is one of the reasons why some people are afraid to step into a dentist’s office for a checkup. It may have been because of a painful experience from it while not properly numbed or simply because they are terrified of such a thing being used in their mouth. The use of anesthetics and sedatives through sedation dentistry can help resolve the issue of pain from the drill. However, it should be a lot better to conquer your fear of the drill or it may keep you from visiting the dentist altogether.

The first thing I’d recommend you to do is to actually get familiar with the equipment and what it does. Having your dentist show you the drill and explain how it works should be the first thing to do. The good thing is that most Parker Colorado dentists, especially pediatric dentists, know how to make people comfortable with the treatment.

People fear different aspects of the drill and depending on what yours is, there are ways to address it. For example, you can try using a music player and some good earphones to block the sound that the drill makes if that’s the source of your fear. Playing your favorite music during the treatment can make you feel more comfortable.

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If you are afraid of the look of the sight of the drill itself, there are plenty of ways to address the issue. The most common would be to close or cover your eyes. Entertainment systems like a TV and DVD player can sometimes be found in a dental office. You can distract yourself by watching something on it if your dentist has one of those. You could continue doing the same things during every visit until you become used to the sight of the dental drill.