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July 09 2011

Who Might Need Dental Implants

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Titanium is a metal which is well tolerated by the human body and used to create a root device in dentistry with the main aim of supporting a single or several false teeth. Over a period of several months the jaw bone begins to fuse together with the titanium rod in a healing process which is known as ‘osseointegration’. The dentures, crowns or bridges can be clipped into the implant once the bone has fused completely following a period of further healings. A single implant is sufficient to support one or more false teeth, however, you could require up to five or six if you need to replace all the teeth in the jaw.

There are a number of advantages that come with dental implants. If you find that your denture moves around your mouth implants may be required to hold it in place. Dental implants can prevent the your jaw bone shrinking if you have missing teeth. Dentures can transform the way you feel about yourself and give you more self-confidence. Due to the state of some peoples teeth they will avoid looking at people or talking to them. Dental implants will bring food that was once off limits back on the menu. The potential damage you could cause to your other teeth will be reduced with dental implants.Bone growth can be stimulated by dental implants and other teeth will be protected. Healthy teeth that sit next to an empty cavity need to be prepared for the introduction of bridges or crowns and from time to time these health teeth can be damaged. With dental implants there is no damage to existing, healthy teeth, only the empty cavity is deal with. Implants improve dental hygiene and require minimal treatments in order to look after them. You dentist will be able to assist you further but providing you visit the dentist regularly as well as looking after your implants in the same way you would look after your teeth by brushing and flossing they’ll continue to look great.