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January 18 2010

Who Else Wants To Ozonate Their Water ?…

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An ozone generator is a piece of equipment which generates ozone. It basically bubbles this gas into water. Ozone is active oxygen which naturally forms an area of the planet atmosphere, protecting us from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. However, ozone can also make a useful sanitizer for a hot tub.

It is very popular to use in spas as it also reduces the need for various other chemicals like Bromine. However, it does not eliminate the need for these chemicals entirely.

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One of the advantages of having such a piece of equipment is that you can save money. This is similar to the purpose that a hydrofloss has (helping to save the on the cost over dental bills through prevention). Because it reduces the amount of chemical sanitizers that the spa requires, it means that you won’t have to buy so many expensive chemicals frequently. In fact, studies have shown that the chemical consumption can be reduced by as much as thirty-five per cent.

They also require very little electricity to run, making the drain on your electricity bill virtually negligible. An ozonator is also harmless to animals and people at least if used correctly. However, it also kills viruses which are in the water, making your bathing experience healthier and safer. The question I want to ask is, can it help with gum disease

It also has great advantages over chlorine which is traditionally used in swimming pools and spas. In fact, it purifiers the water up to three thousand times faster than the traditional chlorine method. In addition to this, the other advantages are that it has no unpleasant odor and does not irritate the eyes of skin and when it is in large quantities. However, you should never breathe it in directly is this can be dangerous

You will still need to have a hot tub filter but there will be less stress on this particular component if you have a decent ozonator to compensate. Next: Follow the link below to learn more about this topic.

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