Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 13 2011

Whiter Teeth Using Basic Kitchen Items

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You may be totally shocked to find out there are so many different ways to clean or whiten your teeth. But since we are cost conscious, a lot of these choices involve using common household items. Even then, there are loads of strategies that involve various products. Although this is true, these same items can be used in a lot of varied ways. So, the best way for you to clean and brighten your teeth would be to find a system that you like that is also very safe for you as well. You should also know that a few methods utilize ingredients that have natural acids. So this means that you have to be cautious and rinse your mouth after your cleaning. Also, do not clean your teeth too much and damage your teeth’s enamel.

Not everyone is born with equally white teeth; this is something you have to accept. You’re born with certain inherited traits, and this can’t be changed. The truth is, not many people have teeth that are white and perfect looking. Furthermore, many of our daily activities and our diet will also stain our teeth over time. You can either get your teeth cleaned and whitened professionally or find products that you can use at home. One of the cheapest and simplest teeth whitening remedies is hydrogen peroxide. If you regularly rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, it will indeed whiten your teeth. Many dentists and health experts, however, caution against doing this too often, as hydrogen peroxide is a harsh substance that will get read of bacteria that benefit your mouth, and can eat away at tooth enamel.

Dentists have to do a lot of bleaching procedures that will require products that have hydrogen peroxide in them. Also, a lot of people use it for their own teeth whitening methods. But make sure you are being wise and safe when handling this product. Do not use a lot of it to brighten your teeth because it will mess up the enamel on your teeth. If enamel damage occurs, understand that it is permanent. If you manage to mess up too much of your enamel, you will have yellow teeth that you will never be able to change. We also would suggest that pregnant and women who are nursing to avoid using hydrogen peroxide to whiten their teeth.

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Baking soda is a basic ingredient in a great number of teeth whitening formulas. One formula you may try is to combine baking soda with glycerin and add a small pinch of salt. Baking soda on its own is a little difficult to brush with, but when you add glycerin, you can make it into a real toothpaste. The only thing we recommend with something like this is to avoid brushing too hard. Salt and baking soda are substances that can have a damaging effect on the enamel of your teeth if you’re not careful. So excessive use of this kind of mixture needs to be implemented with care. Take the time to understand the options open to you, when choosing your tooth whitener. Also, be mindful if you have any particular kinds of allergies to certain ingredients. It is also suggested, and we certainly recommend it, that you avoid using these various teeth whitening homemade solutions every single day. By not maintaining your teeth, you could be causing problems that could have been avoided.

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