Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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Whitening Strips For Shinier Whiter Teeth

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The urban lifestyles full of tensions, stress and neglect has taken great toll on every sphere of our daily life. The stress to be at par with the world at all times, in all fields is the most important concern of people these days. But in the race to win at all times professionally, personal health issues have taken a backseat. Especially affected are our dental health and the color of teeth. Dental discoloration has become a major problem for people and dentists, all over the world. Every day, dentists around the world have to entertain a large number of people who have suffered from dental discoloration pertaining to persistent smoking, consumption of tea and coffee and even certain over the counter medicines.that are not very good on the tooth enamel. In this pursuit for whiter teeth, Whitening Strips can come in very handy.

Teeth whitening strips are a new entrant and the flag bearers of a new innovation in the field of treatment of dental discoloration, using over the counter medical products. Observing the consumer demand for faster and cheaper methods of teeth whitening, the very first whitening strip was introduced in the market by Proctor and Gambler in the year 2000.They came up with Crest Teeth Whitening Strips and made it available far and wide, at all kinds of chemists and medical stores. It was intended to be used by the end customer at home and enjoyed great response from the consumers initially, as it came at par with any bleaching method for whitening of teeth, offering the added advantage of being simple and ability to be used at home.

Generally, all teeth whitening strips are elastic, thin pieces made up of materials

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 Such as plastic or polyethylene .  On one side, these whitening strips are coated with a suitable tooth bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide. The dosage of the bleaching agent is provided by the manufacturer at the back of the packet of the whitening strip. The advantage that whitening strips offer over other, usual methods of bleaching of teeth at home is that it can be placed directly on the teeth and acts as the dispenser of the bleaching agent itself, as opposed to the other usual methods that require a tray for placing the whitener on the teeth.Thus, they are easily manageable, even without any medical supervision, at home.

The procedure to use these strips for whitening teeth is easy and quick. They are placed on the teeth directly and pressed on to obtain a firmer grip. It should be ensure that the whitening strips are spread uniformly over each individual tooth and thus treats the discoloration of all the teeth. Any kit of whitening strips comes with separate strips of predetermined shape and sizes for both upper as well as lower teeth. These strips are prescribed to be worn twice a day, for thirty minutes straight each time around, for getting the best whitening results. They come with bleaching agents in various concentrations and the concentration of the bleaching agent is what decides the period of treatment required. A whitening strip with 10 per cent concentration of the bleaching agent is sufficient for whitening treatment within 7 days, a 20 per cent concentration works good for 20 days,etc.