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September 02 2010

Which Kind Of Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right For You?

If I asked you to state the differences between cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery, would you be able to do it? With such similar names, it’s no wonder that these two procedures are so often confused. There are cosmetic dental procedures that can only be performed by qualified dental surgeons. Dental surgeons also do a lot of surgery whose primary purpose is for the improvement of external appearance. Why do you think all the Hollywood stars are the ones who always look the best? They’re able to afford these expensive procedures. Yes, us mere mortals have to probably save up thousands just to look half as good as them. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from being informed and finding out which procedures are out there that you can use to improve the apperance of your smile.

1. Bridge

Do you have an unsightly gap in between your two front teeth on your top jaw? There is something called a dental bridge and just like the real thing, it’s used to fill up gaps between teeth. The other option is having braces put onto your teeth and having them tightened every month to slowly move your teeth back together. If you have teeth extracted that aren’t able to grow back, a bridge can be used to fill up the gap between these teeth so that your smile is nice and full.

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2. Contouring

If your teeth are misshapen, maybe bigger than they need to be, contouring is the best cosmetic dentistry procedure for you. If you have chipped, overlapped or oversized teeth, contouring or tooth reshaping can make your teeth level in only one session. There was a time that the principal of my old primary told us about. He was sitting on a particularly bumpy plane and started biting his nails. There was a bit too much turbulence and all of a sudden… BAM! A small chunk of one of his front teeth was knocked out. If he chose to, he could have contoured his teeth to make it smooth again.

3. Bonding

Bonding, as the name suggests, means joining together. What you’re joining is artificial tooth matter onto particularly chipped or broken teeth. Here’s an example I heard from a radio show I listen to. There’s a couple of fellas down in Australia who do a radio show called “Hamish and Andy.” They’re a pair of larrakins and for some reason or another, they were playing ice hockey. Andy was unfortunate enough to have a massive chunk smashed off one of his front incisors. Didn’t look good for the photo in the paper. Andy was declared Bachelor of the Year for Cleo Magazine in Australia a few years prior, so appearance mattered. I heard he had pig bone bonding used to fix up his smile.

Cosmetic dentistry comes in many shapes and forms and these three are some of the more common ones. If physical apperance is a priority for you, make sure you save up enough first to afford one of these procedures.