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June 11 2010

What Your Children Should Know About Dental Hygiene

Bringing up children can be a huge responsibility that no one realizes until it is almost too late .  Raising good people is a commitment that not all people plan for when they decide to have children .  Good hygiene is a great place to start because it will lead to other good habits along the way .  Personal hygiene begins with healthy cleanliness.  I am not talking just about obsessive cleanliness , the neurosis, or anything like OCD for that matter.  I am talking a healthy view for cleanliness .


The mainstay is regular bathing and washing the dirt and old skin off your body .  I am also talking about good dental hygiene as well.  The importance of regular brushing cannot be reinforced enough .  The right daily habits such as brushing your teeth and flossing is best taught by a hygienist .  Dental hygienists are commonly part of the staff at a dental office .  Finding a good dentist is important for your entire family .  The relationship is paramont as far as encouraging good dental habits .


Children respond well to a basic regime .  Routine visits to your general dentist for your entire family should be like clockwork .  Good habits are formed during adolesence and being able to respond to positivereinforcement is all about a child’s healthy development .  The real value of having good teeth is a lesson that needs to be learned early and will often require encouragement from you, the parent, as well as your local dentist and the experienced hygienist .  Choosing a general dentist that your entire family likes will benefit everyone in the long run .  Regular cleanings will amount to less cavities and that is something that we are all proud of as we get older.

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Adults who had a good relationship with a dentist when they were young statistically continue to appreciate the preventative care they received from a family dentist .  They continue to schedule regular cleaning and dental checkups throughout their life.  The most difficult challenge is related to health insurance companies that do not include dental care with their plans or it is just to costly .  This alone can make a relationship with your dentist potentially an expensive endeavor and easily put off .


It is imparitive to instill in your kids the importance of, as well as practice, good healthy teeth .  This is true because they just will ultimately decide on the value of teeth and make sure they get good dental hygiene as they get older .  Because getting older and not having teeth as a middle aged adult can be a real drag and negatively affect your quality of life.  The value of good dental hygiene cannot be stressed enough for the whole family and especially for your children.