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March 04 2011

What You Try To Eat Can Bring On Bad Breath

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What is the cause? Oftentimes, bad breath is caused by foods. Be it from eating these foods or from not getting rid of foods from your mouth the right way, food is one of many primary reasons people suffer from bad breath. It is often crucial to know how food cause bad breath. The science behind it, in fact, is definitely interesting and is definitely an eye opener to why you are going through this problem.

Generally speaking, several foods have bacteria that break down in them and create sulfur compounds. That sulfur is the bad breath that you taste and smell. The odorous molecules that are found in garlic and onions, for example, are sulfur compounds. Sulfur is a natural element that generates odors. In nature, sulfur works as a tool for shielding or attacking. For example, a skunk uses odor as a protection and that odor consists of a sulfur compound.

In addition to this, food that sits out will spoil and spoiling food will cause odors as well. This is due to the anaerobic bacteria that is in the food and is breaking down the proteins in the food.

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Whenever you look into the process this way, it is possible to see that some foods cause bad breath. People with sulfur compounds are most likely to cause this condition to happen. Have a look at this list of foods that often cause bad breath.

* Dairy products including milks, ice cream, yogurt and cheeses

* Foods that contain sugars are also likely to result in bad breath, for the reason that these foods will probably digest faster. Candy, gum and mints all can lead to bad breath if they contain sugar. Pick non sugary varieties as an alternative.

* Acidic foods like coffee, oranges, pineapple, grapefruit and tomatoes, specifically juice varieties of these foods, can result in halitosis.

* Alcohol products, for instance beer, wine or liquor can lead to foul breath. When alcohol is present in mouthwash, it could in fact worsen the issue of foul breath.

Understanding that these foods cause bad breath will not imply that you have to take them out from your diet just because of this condition. Rather, you ought to take measures to clean your mouth properly once you consume these foods instead. Doing that will assist to decrease the possibilities you’ll have bad breath. Also, realize that by treating bad breath appropriately, you can often evade gum disease and oral cavities.