Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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November 19 2011

What Is Effective In Teeth Whitening Today

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Getting the teeth a few shades lighter is called Teeth whitening. The substance peroxide in formulas removes dirt stains and targets the dentin to lighten it to almost its original color. The length of procedure depends on the dosage of peroxide. You can use a variety of other techniques to whiten your teeth but none are as effective as those with peroxides. The easiest way to have one’s teeth whitened is by paying professionals to do the job. Peroxide gels available in different concentrations but not exceeding 50%, will be applied to the teeth. On average, you will need $650 to avail this service and comes with additional DIY touch ups. To read other dentistry articles make sure to visit zoom tooth whitening.

The use of lights to accelerate whitening of teeth is promoted by several companies. Keen observers noted that there is no difference in the whitening power of the unassisted to the light assisted peroxide. Priced at an average of $500, you can apply on your own, whitening formulas prescribed by the dentist. The bleaching session takes more than an hour since carbamide peroxide works slower on the teeth. Wielding a mouth tray for hours, can make anyone uneasy.

Book an appointment with your doctor if you want instant white chompers. You can buy some take home products when time is of no concern in whitening your teeth. You could easily buy reliable whitening agents and not only from a dentist. In some products, certain acids present in their formula are not published in the label and might pose a risk to users.

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Research tells us that not all whitening treatments are successful. A great number of over the counter whitening products do not give the best value for money according to an intensive survey. Consumers who are happy with the results roughly translate into 80%. To read other dentistry articles make sure to visit Glebe Dental laser dentist.

In general, teeth are easily irritated during the lightening process. Teeth whiteners weaken the enamel and allow the nerves to be more exposed to irritants which cause discomfort to the client during treatment. Flooding fluoride onto the teeth surface makes the teeth impervious to this threat.

There are circulating claims that pale blotches around the mouth may result if hydrogen peroxide is applied in huge amounts. There is a grain of truth to it but it is of no medical concern. If one is sloppy in applying the mixture, it can give an uneven complexion. One can easily remove the stain without fear of side effects.

Dentists choose peroxides that are potent even in little quantities. Those who had their teeth done with porcelain ought to skip dental whitening because peroxides don’t work on this kind of coatings. Whitening one’s chompers is an uncomplicated job for dentists.