Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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July 28 2010

What Acticities Cause Oral Cancer?

Cancer of the mouth is one of the worst kinds to get. Often times they have to remove piece of your face in order to cure it. The result is deformation of your face and the process is very painful. Knowing what causes this disease is the best way to prevent it.

It is a fact that the carcer causing ingredients in cigarettes is what causes cancer the most. You should stop smoking altogether if you are a smoker. Sure, that is certainly easier said than done but do you really want to lose a piece of your face and be deformed for life because you could not stop smoking?

Another thing that creates cancer is chewing tobacco. It is just as evil as smoking cigarettes. Not only can you get mouth cancer, but it could mess with your saliva glands and you’ll either wind up drooling all the time or it may shut down your glands altogether and be stuck having a dried up mouth for ever.

Hot Teeth Whitening Topic

Another thing that can cause cancer but it still debatable is hot liquids. What I mean is extremely hot liquids that burn your mouth. You could drink hot coffees and chocolate drinks but just be prudent and don’t drink it so hot that it burns your mouth.

Not only can your mouth contract cancer, but your tongue as well. If you ever happen to get cancer on your tongue, the only cure is to begin cutting parts of your tongue that are infected with the cancer cells. Often times this won’t solve the problem and the doctors must keep cutting and cutting. In the end you are no longer able to speak because your tongue is what allows you to make the distinctive sounds which we call words.

If you are a smoker, instead of sitting down to smoke a cigarette, put on your exercise clothing on and work on getting the washboard abs that will make you look attractive and feel better of yourself. The best way to get ripped from the habit and addiction of smoking is to use an electronic cigarette instead.

An electronic cigarette does not have the extreme amount of cancer producing substances that cigarettes have. It’s cost effective as well. It feels and tastes the same as a cigarette and also has nicotine so you don’t go through nicotine withdrawals. For those who chew tobacco, try chewing gum as an alternative. It is much safer and tastes great. Whatsoever you do, try and prevent doing the activities that cause cancer and live a long, healthy life.