Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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December 16 2009

Ways To Get A Dazzling Smile

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We would all like a dazzling smile. There’s nothing worse than discoloured or rotten teeth.

Whether you’re male or female, rotten teeth can be both unhygienic and embarrassing and can make you very self conscious.

Factors such as smoking, alcohol, fizzy drinks, food and coffee can cause enamel to discolour. Taking antibiotics or an excessive intake of fluoride can also aid discolouration.

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Thankfully, nowadays, there are products available on the market that you can use to help whiten your teeth.

If you want to try and combat the discolouration yourself then there are both whitening pastes and gels that you can use. However, prolonged use of some of these products can begin to wear away at tooth enamel.

Paint on whitening gel is applied with a special wand and best adheres to clean, dry teeth for best results.

Whitening strips is another method you can use at home. These strips are placed directly onto the enamel and are coated with a bleaching agent. Again, best results are obtained if stuck to clean, dry teeth.

Another alternative, and usually fitted by your dentist, is a bleach solution mouth guard. Used over 2 weeks, a bleaching solution is added to a mouth guard and effectively bleaches the enamel. This product is best used over night.

Of course Cosmetic dentists have more ways in which to whiten your teeth, with laser treatment being the most effective.

However, advanced treatment such as this can be expensive and nowadays people are tending to use home methods rather than go to their dentist.

Oral hygiene is a must and it is important to look after your teeth, even from a young age. Regular checkups at the dentist are important and cutting back on coffee, sweets and fizzy drinks can help fight against plaque and discolouring.

Be patient with whatever method you choose. Both home and dentists methods do not work overnight, however, results can be seen from as early as 2 weeks. There are a few discount teeth whitening products out there, and idol white is one of the cheaper ones, and has a high profile endorser.

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