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March 12 2010

Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet Review

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The Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Dental Water Jet is clinically well-tried to be more operational than floss for healthier gums. Most dental professionals recommend brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums their best. Unfortunately, nearly 80-percent of Americans don’t floss on a average basis, and most people find flossing to be a irritating or unpleasant chore. Finally, there is an efficient alternative to flossing that feels great and is simple to complete.

The Waterpik Ultra being way beyond flossing to keep your gums their healthiest. Waterpik has designed the Waterpik WP-100 to deliver a water pressure of 10 to 90 PSI with 1200 pulses per minute. This system delivers a clinically tested combination of water pressure and pulsation to remove debris and bacteria lodged deep between teeth and below the gum-line — three times deeper than brushing alone. In addition, it massages and stimulates the gums to improve circulation and help promote strong and healthy gums. The Waterpik Ultra is so active that it is clinically verified to be up to 93-percent more operating than flossing at reducing gum bleeding

Here are customer reviews about Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet:

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I’ve always prided myself on my good teeth. I supposed that flossing and brushing was sufficiency…that was until I run to the dental practitioner, and he told I had the beginnings of periodontal disease. That horrified the hell out of me.
I went home and started using the Sonicare I had bought but never plugged in. That was good, but not enough – I bought a Waterpik because obviously flossing wasn’t cutting it.
I had never applied a Waterpik earlier, and it was some revealing! I’m still surprised that there are some Waterpik oldtimers who say this machine isn’t strong enough…uh, for what? Shedding paint off a brick wall? This thing perfectly bumped my socks off when it got to the pressure.

I started out at 2 and worked my way up to 7 – it still stings like mad, but I’m getting used to it by now. I put Listerine in the tank to increase the anti-bacteria result.
My dentist went on vacation, and I had to cancel another appointment, so it happened that almost two months had elapsed since the last time I had seen him. In that time, I dependably brushed with the Sonicare four times a day and applied the Waterpik at least once (several tankfuls of water and Listerine precious.)

Regarding the leaking people talk about – the only time the tank leaks, I notice, is if I put my fingers on the seal when I’m refilling it. If I’m careful to keep my fingers away from that seal, the tank is water tight. So when I come back for my check-up, the tooth doctor was Jiggered. He wasn’t sure what I had done, but he said my gums looked pink and healthy! He had said initially I’d have to get my teeth cleaned every three months because I must be one of those people who gets a tartar build up quicker than other people…well, I had exploited sacredly on grading back the plaque. (I had also buy a dental mirror so I could determine the back of my front teeth for telltale plaque residual.)

Hmmm, no comment about that plaque…was it because there WASN’T any? My dentist asked me if I had been eating on because there was so thick build up (I had to flash that out of him because I Recognized he didn’t want to give me credit for running that hard on my dental hygiene!)
The dentist HADN’T recommended a Waterpik, but I knew I had to go to the extreme to beat back the periodontal enemy. My teeth are so clear, they squeaker!