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October 28 2009

Want To Cure TMJ The Healthy Way, No Drugs Or Surgeries?

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Millions of Americans today and many more around the world are suffering TMJ syndrome or simply TMD, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a condition in which the temporomandibular joint can’t function properly. The temporomandibular joint is the one that connects the temporal bone with the mandible and because you always use this joint especially when eating, biting, even kissing and yawning, there is a big chance that you can suffer from TMJ. You can never comprehend that your headaches may be caused by TMD, and that the unbearable pain is the result of a bad bite. A bad bite can put your jaw-to-skull relationship out of alignment. And when it gets all the best from you, it produces pain in the jaw that can radiate to other areas of your body like the head and neck. With TMD, you can almost hear your jaw cracking and your teeth clenching at night. But, you’re still in luck because there are still other alternative TMJ remedies and this is what you’re going to find out.

Sleep Dentistry

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One of the remedies you can find is from your dentist’s clinic and if you are like the others who are afraid of dental procedures, sleep dentistry can help you in overcoming that fear and at the same time can cure TMJ the pleasant, pain-free and natural way. The field of dentistry has seen a lot of new improvements lately. Now, dentists are offering sleep dentistry as a new discovery that will make people aware that pulling a tooth or getting rid of TMJ is a total non-painful idea anymore. But aside from this, there is another alternative and healthy way and it’s called chiropractic therapy.


A chiropractic therapy is the use of hands by a chiropractor to slowly massage the affected area or your TMJ. Many people have already appreciated the benefit they get from chiropractic therapy as the best TMJ treatment. Now, it’s up to you to choose what type of remedy you want. You can even find a book guide on the Net that will help you eliminate your TMJ problem on your own anytime and anywhere.