Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 23 2010

Want Healthy Teeth? Brush Regularly!

Brushing your teeth regularly is definitely important, for various reasons. Despite how unbelievably uninteresting and irksome this might be , it is mandatory . Yes , there is the ever present temptation to simply skip it or, even worse , go to sleep without applying dental hygiene , but you’re about to learn exactly why regular brushing is always recommended .

I hope this article gives the reader the additional burst of resolve you might need to keep a regular brushing routine . Let’s face it , you definitely don’t want to struggle with a bunch of bad teeth while you’re still young ! Ok, here we go .

To begin with , you have to fight the gradual decay of your teeth . It is a ever present threat . The accumulation of plaque Plaque building up , in combination with the excessive consumption of various sugars , is responsible for nasty acids that actually carve holes in your teeth .

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A fluoride toothpaste, in combination with responsible brushing is a good course of action here. It aids in killing that nasty plaque and also helps to get rid of lodged food bits and sugars.

Next, and a condition that is not often brought into consideration , is gum disease. Will you pay some more attention to this disease if I tell you that dentists consider it the greatest cause of loss of teeth among adults ? I hope so .

Regular brushingwith fluoride toothpaste will help keep you out of harm’s way with this too .

To finish with , we’ll discuss your breath, specifically how it smells. While chewing breath mints constantly should keep you in the clear , it neglects to take care of the real problem of food particles and germs stuck in the teeth. Regular brushing yet again comes to your aid .

By now you can see , brushing your teeth regularly is crucial . Teach your children to brush frequently as well , and make it fun for them to stick to it by buying them a cool kids electric toothbrush .

Also remember to go to your dentist regularly, even if you brush regularly . It is the best way to ensure that your teeth are healthy .