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September 15 2010

Vitamin D – A Critical Nutrient

Vitamins and minerals are very much required by our body. There are different types of vitamins and minerals that must be included in your regular diet. This will help you create a balanced diet for yourself. There are various health benefits of these minerals and vitamins.

One of the most essential vitamins is vitamin D. This compound is actually a natural hormone which is found in our body. It is manufactured in our body. This compound usually starts on the skin and then enters the bloodstream and finally it enters the kidney and the liver.

Other than this, it also enters into the bones and the intestine. There has been a lot of research on this particular compound. Everyday the researchers find something new about this vitamin.

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Do you know which the best source for this vitamin is? Natural sunlight is the best sources of vitamin D. If you can expose yourself to natural sunlight then the formation of this vitamin will be fast and will surely be effective.

In 2007 there was a study which showed that people who took the supplements of this vitamin has at least 7 percent less chance of dying than those people who did not take them. After a year there was another report.

It was found that women who had breast cancer and had low levels of this vitamin died earlier than women who had normal levels of this vitamin. But it has been found that the majority of the people in America suffer from the deficiency of this particular vitamin.

At least 50 percent adults as well as children in America are affected with this problem. First of all you need to find the list of benefits that this vitamin can have on your health . It helps you to provide protection and prevention against chronic diseases like heart disease, ovarian cancer, hypertension as well as diabetes type 2 and more.

It can aid you in controlling the growth as well as the activities of the cells. It helps you keep your teeth and bones healthy as well as strong. It can also help reduce inflammation.

It also has the ability to regulate your immune system. Now you should be aware of the benefits of this vitamin. Vitamin D3 helps in calcium absorption in the body. This vitamin plays a great role in boosting the normal functions of the neuro-muscular nerves.

It also helps to protect your brain from any kind of toxic reactions. It even helps in reducing the symptoms of pain. There are different sources of vitamin D other than natural sunlight. Fresh milk, fish, egg yolks and cod liver oil is some of the sources. Milk is one of the sources of calcium vitamin D.

This vitamin is the third most essential vitamin required by the body after vitamin C and A. If you are not sure about your levels then you can go for a blood test to find it out. There are certain supplements which can help you get the vitamin.