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December 14 2010

Visiting the dentist in the first year

Many parents do not know when their children should start regular visits to the dentist. In many cases, they believe it is alright for children to wait until their permanent teeth have fully developed before pursuing regular dental care. However, this is not the case. For the best oral health, children should begin visiting a dentist in Mckinney, Texas much earlier than this.

Why Baby Teeth Matter 

Unbeknownst to most people, baby teeth require dental care, too. Allowing the baby teeth to decay or develop other problems can cause severe problems with the permanent teeth. If baby teeth decay and must be removed, permanent teeth can be pushed out of proper position, or can also suffer decay or damage. How the baby teeth are allowed to develop will also set the pattern of growth for the gums around them. If the baby teeth are compromised, this will eventually affect the gums and the adult teeth as well.

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If the parent really wants to provide the optimal place for their kid’s teeth, then they need to start taking their kids to the ï»¿ ï»¿Frisco family dentist office as soon as the baby teeth start to come through. Your dentist can evaluate your child’s mouth, check the health of teeth and gums, and give you instructions on how to keep the baby teeth clean and healthy as they continue to come in. 

Developing Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Developing good dental routines early on will also make it easier for kids to grow into adults who practice these same, healthy habits. The earlier your child learns to brush and floss properly, the more likely she is to maintain these habits throughout life, ensuring that her teeth and gums will remain strong and healthy into adulthood. Taking your child to the dentist regularly will also help him become used to the dentist and the dental office, making it a familiar place and reducing the possibility of future dental phobia.

Your dentist in Allen, TX can help you establish a regular schedule of dental visits for your child. Be sure your child has the best possible start in life by scheduling a checkup today.