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December 09 2010

Travel to Budapest for a dental implant

Medical and dental travel has increased importance in the industrialized countries because prices of medical services in two countries can differ significantly due to the level of wages and regulations. In Europe, Hungary is very likely the most significant dental travel hotspot. A vast number of visitors from Western Countries, mostly from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden want to visit Budapest for fixing their teeth. The prices of dental treatment are approximately 50% lower, therefore in case of a serious dental work presenting a considerable expense, there is a huge opportunity to save even considering the costs of travel.

The history of foreigners arriving for dental treatment in Hungary dates back to two or three decades now. In early times Austrian tourists began to frequent the cities and villages next to the Austrian border for smaller dental works. They soon found out that not only prices in supermarkets were lower, but that of services, too. This is why, when carrying out a short shopping trip to the country next door, they also visited the car mechanic and many times a dentistry, too. It was clear for them that prices were very low, however the the service quality they received was almost identical.

The education of dentists in Hungary is of high quality, many foreign students continue their studies here. Along with this high level of dental education, Hungarian dental specialists are highly educated experts, you can meet quite a high proportion of them carrying out dental work abroad in top dental clinics throughout the globe. They are able to do all the dental works that require expert skills, like for example dental implants or surgical treatments. Thanks to the booming dental business in Hungary, the majority of the dentists can afford to invest in the best technology, thus they are able to offer highest quality devices besides their skills.

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Coming to a clinic offering dental implants in Budapest for a dental inspection can be a good idea only with a high value dental work to be done, like eg. dental implants, bridges, several crowns, dentures, etc, this way you can save a significant amount even considering travel costs. You can always find cheap hotels in Budapest available for a reduced price. With cheap flights it’s much less expensive to fly to Budapest, several low fare airlines operate flights to Budapest from major western hubs, like London, Paris, Cologne or Milan .