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October 31 2010

Traditional Dental Implants vs. Mini Implants

If you’ve battled along with the irritability and inconvenience of traditional dentures, you might be considering dental implants to replace removable dentures with permanent replacements to your teeth. With today’s advanced technology, mini implants can provide a less invasive alternative.

Narrow diameter dental implants, or mini implants, are similar to traditional implants, but can be placed in a single procedure. Traditional implants, by comparison, need a two-part procedure and also a significant healing interval.

Traditional Dental Implants

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Traditional implants may be used for:

Replacing single teeth

Getting a bridge or full dentures replace

Holding removable dentures in place

If you’ve suffered bone loss on the inside jawbone, through aging or as a side effect of wearing traditional dentures, implants might not be the best option for you. If you’ve suffered bone loss, the jawbone can be augmented with bone grafts, or the implants can be placed to prevent the places where the loss is the greatest. Consult with a cosmetic dentist experienced with implants to determine if they’ll work for you.

When traditional implants are placed, the titanium screw section is implanted into the jawbone. Typically the screws bond to the bone in a couple of weeks. The top 1 / 2 of the implant can then be added, along with any attached appliances. Dentures attached to an implant can be permanent or removable.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants, by contrast, can be placed in a single visit. It’s not essential to make incisions in the gums, nor are there any stitches to be removed later. The mini implants are fixed with a special attachment that fits to the bottoms of your dentures, holding them securely in place. The dentures can still be easily removed for cleaning, but they won’t shift while you’re eating or talking, giving you new self-confidence and a natural look.
Much like traditional implants, mini implants can also securely hold a single replacement tooth or a partial bridge, as well as full dentures.
Your particular situation will determine whether traditional dental implants or mini implants will work best for you. If you wish to learn more about implants, a consultation with a certified cosmetic dentist who’s had experience with traditional and mini implants can help you decide if you’d like to pursue this process