Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 20 2012

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Wherever you live, in Calgary or anywhere else, nearly everyone would prefer to keep or restore their whitest smile. In today’s fast paced world of fast food and eating out, we have to be careful of teeth staining substances, such as coffees, teas pop, all red wines, fruit juice, balsamic vinegars tomato sauce, berries, curry, and candy.   Obviously,some habits like cigarette smoking and cigars stain teeth and should be avoided to best maintain general health, not everyone wants to give up these diet choices just so their teeth are whiter. With  Calgary teeth whitening, you can now have your coffee and have whiter teeth too! Teeth are stained naturally with age, so teeth whitening can also help restore a more youthful appearance and help build self confidence.

What teeth whitening solutions is the best one? A basic teeth whitening kit from the drugstore or a professional solution managed by your Calgary Dental clinic? A store bought kit is best for those who prioritize cost over the quality of treatment, since these packages are designed as a generic solution attempting to provide a treatment for the most people, and don’t work as well as a custom-tailored solution set up by your own dentist, who knows your teeth and personal history and habits.

While teeth whitening is primarily a cosmetic treatment, it also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding how this treatment will affect your teeth in particular, something you cannot easily do if you go for the cheaper store-bought solution. Sure, a professional teeth whitening solution may cost more through your dentist, but the cost can be much higher if you try to do the treatment yourself without full knowledge of the process. Over-the-counter tooth whiteners are limited to whitening only the outer layers of enamel, which is not as effective as a professional system.

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Professional teeth whitening treatments can also be continued in the comfort of your home. Once your dentist has provided you with an effective treatment plan, you may be able to continue this plan at your convenience in your own home. This is truly a win/win scenario: the professional guidance of your family dentist and the convenience you would find in a store bought take-home kit.

Seeing your dentist for your teeth whitening treatments provides peace of mind, knowing that a professional that you trust is administering the treatment.

If you have any of these conditions, a professional teeth whitening regime is definitely recommened:

  • You have extensive, extrinsic discoloration of your teeth
  • The enamel of your teeth has intrinsic staining
  • If you require extensive teeth whitening, e.g. more than the average person
  • If you are looking for the fastest and most effective method of teeth whitening
  • If you have sensitive teeth that require special care

So when you are considering Calgary teeth whitening for yourself or your family, it just makes sense to ask your dentist about their teeth whitening services, to make sure the treatments you receive are the best ones for you and your family.