Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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March 04 2011

Top 4 ways to keep your teeth white

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Its not hard to see why healthy habits and eating healthy foods can be great for your teeth as well as your health .  Follow some of these tips to keep your teeth white and bright after you have gotten your teeth whitened, often at some expense . 

  1. Brush your teeth right away after eating.  Especially after drinking coffee, tea , or eating foods that stain your teeth easily. If you cannot brush right away, at least rinse your mouth out with water to remove the acids and sugars left behind by foods and drinks.
  2. Eat strawberries!  As mentioned in the natural rememdies, strawberries contain malic acid which acts as a whitening agent.  You still have to brush your teeth after eating the strawberries to clean away the sugars and acids.
  3. Eat crunchy foods.  Especially apples.  Not only are apples great for your body with lots of fiber (which helps with your digestion), they can serve as a sort of abrasive cleaner and will remove plaque buildup. Eating apples will also keep your breath fresher, first by helping you to produce cleansing saliva, and also to sweep away bacteria.
  4. Invest in a sonic toothbrush such as a Sonicare or a Ultreo.  Look at any review and you’ll find that these sonic toothbrushes really do work.  They make for easier dental visits because they cut down on plaque tremendously, they keep your teeth white, and, lets face it, they are fun to use.The way that a sonic toothbrush works is to use sonic vibrations to penetrate and clean teeth.  They are really great for the gums because they aren’t as harsh or abrasive as manual toothbrushes, so they don’t contribute to a receeding gumline as much.

Click for more tips, advice and information on tooth whitening with tooth bleaching gel.

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