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February 02 2010

Tooth Pain Relief Right at Home

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There are two main kinds of tooth pain – the kind you can bear and the kind that you can’t. After having tooth pain for any length of time, it semms to just too much to bear. Tooth pain is one of the most excruciating pains you will ever experience, because nowhere else in your body are your nerves so exposed to the air and other substances. When you need toothache relief, therefore, you need it quickly.

Commonly tooth pain will arise from some underlying damage inside the mouth. Just by eating an apple a day and flossing regularly like your mom told you will unfortunately not result in an always perfect smile. You can still have issues with your teeth even if you practice good oral hygiene. Some of it is in their genes, and some of it is in their food. When food or sugar becomes trapped between the teeth, this can cause cavities. Also there are several prescription drugs such as antidepressants, which cause the mouth to dehydrate, therefore causing the enamel of the tooth to decay and you may be in need of
tooth pain relief.

Visiting the dentist when you are suffering from tooth pain is always the best solution. They are the first and best way to get rid of any pain. However, not everyone likes going to the dentist – actually no one likes going to the dentist – so you can look into some short-term solutions for your tooth pain relief at home. To help with the swelling of your gums, apply ice to the outside of the mouth. If you have a broken tooth or bad cavity, then frequent washing of your mouth with warm salt water will help to sooth the pain until you can get help.

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