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February 02 2010

Tooth Pain Relief – Facts You Should Know

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At some point, most people will have suffered pain from a toothache. You can experience mild, very painful and even chronic pain from a toothache. When you are experiencing tooth pain and you require some toothache pain relief, here are some suggestions that will help.

cubes of ice. These cubes do not go in your mouth. Your teeth can become very sensitive and cause pain to cold foods such as ice cubes when you are experiencing a toothache. Just use the ice cubes as a distraction from the pain. Rub the ice on your bare skin. The cold feeling will help to occupy your brain, and eventually the pain will subside.

Alcohol. A cure for toothaches that has been used for a long time is alcohol. When babies are teething, this is a practice commonly used. Rub your gums with your finger after dipping it in alcohol. This will help to numb the pain. Another way to put the alcohol to good use is as a mouthwash.

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Another way to get toothache pain relief is to eat garlic or onions. You will not have to take in huge amounts of garlic and onions. All you have to do is chew on a piece for a little while. Acidity acts like an antibacterial which will help clean your teeth.

Medicines are also available at most local drugstores. You can use medicines specifically formulated to brush on your teeth that come in the form of gels and pastes. You can also try an over the counter pain reliever such as Advil.

Whatever you choose to do, you need to know that it is only temporary toothache relief. If your toothaches happen often, that can indicate there is a bigger problem with your teeth. If you are suffering constant pain from a toothache, it’s best to seek professional help.