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October 24 2009

Tonsil Stone Treatments and Remedies – How to Treat This?

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There are many tonsil stone remedies that do not actually work. Many people just give up finding a treatment and will turn to have their tonsils removed. However having a tonsillectomy will only stop the stones forming on your tonsils, it does not prevent you from coughing up or swallowing the sticky balls in the future.

There are many people who have had their tonsils removed and still complain about these whitish yellowish chunks that still appear at the back of your throat.

To produce your own tonsil stone remedy is simple – just gargle with water and salt. This solution will prevent bacteria growth and help keep the mouth clean.

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Another tonsil stone treatment is to squirt out the stone using a curved tip syringe. This must be a curved tip syringe, using an ordinary syringe does not work very well. Fill up your syringe with salted water, then point the syringe inside the tonsil crypt at the location where the white patch – then squirt!

If you do not have a curved tip syringe, you may use a waterjet irrigator. This is an electronic dental cleaning device. Apply pressure at the lowest and clean out the area with the tonsil rocks.

Although the methods that I have discussed will certainly dislodge the tonsil stones, the secret to permanently getting rid of tonsil rocks lies in the prevention. The only true form of tonsil stones treatment is by attacking the root cause of these white stinky balls, this is how you can permanently prevent them from returning.

At, we will look at the basics of tonsilloliths. Along with defining what a tonsil stone actually, we will also look into such aspects as what symptoms are often manifest with the disease, how the condition can develop, and what to do once it has been determined that tonsil stones are present. The important thing to keep in mind is that while tonsil stones can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort in severe cases, the condition is highly treatable once diagnosed.

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