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August 22 2010

Tips for finding the ideal dental professional

Although we tend to consider dental surgeons only in terms of the health of our teeth and gums, the health of our mouths is clearly linked to our all around health. As the principal entrance to the body, the mouth is interconnected with all of the main systems of the body, which includes the skeletal system, bloodstream, digestive, nervous, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.

Up to date medical research shows that something like 90% of systemic diseases are related to symptoms in the mouth. There is also strong evidence that heart disease, strokes, diabetes and lung disease may be caused, or at least worsened, by inadequate dental health: reason enough for spending some time to find a quality dental surgery.

However when looking for a dentist, nearly all people take the easiest approach: typically choosing the same dentist as a family member or friend, the nearest dentist to their home or work, or merely the most affordable option out there. These approaches, although fast and easy, can result in major problems later on, including:

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  • Having to pay an excessive amount for your dental care
  • Needing to wait for a long time to get an appointment
  • Feeling stressed and uneasy with your dental surgeon
  • Choosing a dentist that doesn’t suit your/your family’s needs

Although it may seem like a difficult task at the beginning, finding the right dentist is actually quite straightforward. All it takes is a little time to consider several important issues before you choose. By doing this you’ll get a better understanding of the various options available to help you decide what best suits your circumstances, and your finances.

So, just which steps do you need to follow?

The first thing you need to do is create a comprehensive list of your needs and wants. Take into account such factors as the best location for your dental practice, when you’d like your appointments, appropriate pricing, whether you’ll use dental insurance or not, specific types of treatment required (for example, orthodontics or a dentist that specializes in treating nervous patients), and any specific psychological or “comfort factors” you consider to be important. Make sure you identify any “must haves” or “deal breakers” on your list (factors you consider to be absolutely necessary or that will cause you to instantly reject a dentist).

When you have your list of needs and wants, the next step is to develop a list of prospective dentists in your neighborhood. The best way to do this is to use the internet. Say you’re looking for dentists in Derby: you would search online for phrases such as Derby dentist or cosmetic dentist Derby, depending on your needs. Also, be sure to look at the local Yellow Pages and ask friends and family for their suggestions.

When you have a list of promising candidates, evaluate them against your list of needs and eliminate the ones that are unsuitable. Looking at the dentists’ sites will also help here. When down to a manageable number, consider calling each dentist for an information pack, or to ask any specific questions you have.

One last step in your research is to actually go to the dental practice you have in mind. Have a look around, speak to the employees and ask any remaining questions. It’s advisable to speak to the dentist and find out if you feel comfortable with him or her. You’ll then be ready to select the right prospect and book yourself in for an appointment and/or a routine cleaning. Use this opportunity to appraise your dentist and choose if you want to continue there, or if you’d like to look at another dentist from your list later on.

By using these simple steps, you’ll be able to find a better match for your needs than 90% of other dental patients, and will feel safe in the knowledge that you you and your family can trust and feel comfortable with your dentist: something that really makes visiting the dentist a whole lot easier!