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September 22 2010

Throat Candida – An Easy Way To Detect It

People are used to think that candida can only affect women – that’s the traditional belief but it’s very far from the truth . A person whether make or female can get a yeast infection anywhere that has the right breeding conditions, moist and warm and dark. Therefore the mouth and the throat are possible areas that can become infected by an overgrowth of the candida fungus.

When a person gets a throat yeast infection this normally means he or she has an immune system that has been compromised . For whatever reason, the immune system of that person is not working as it should making you more likely to get a yeast infection. There are a number of things you can do to ensure your immune system stays strong and healthy in order to prevent an infection of the throat from ever occurring .

Sleep is very important . Getting enough sleep keeps your immune system healthy and lack of sleep can result in illnesses and infections including a yeast infection. If getting enough sleep means readjusting your daily habits, then that’s what you should do .

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Stress is another large factor and can affect your well being . Try to avoid stressful situations and perhaps take time to learn some relaxation and calming techniques. This will help avoid getting a throat yeast infection as well as the other types.

Your diet is essential to your well being also; you need to eat the right kinds of foods . Eating lots of plain, live yogurt will keep your body full of good bacteria which keep a yeast infection at bay. Eating more raw garlic will also help. Avoid foods that have lots of sugars as that feeds yeast and avoid yeasty foods like breads, beers, and wines.

If you have a throat yeast infection do not use regular mouthwash to gargle with as these products kill good bacteria which makes your infection worse. Brush your teeth regularly and make sure your toothbrush is well cleaned so that you do not reinfect yourself with it each time you use it.