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January 18 2010

Three Secrets to Preventing Costly Dental Work and Bills…

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Protecting your dental health is more important now than ever. With the unemployment rate so high, many people may no longer have access to the great health benefits they once had. So, now people need to be very careful to avoid the need for expensive dental work.

Cavities, root canals, ‘deep’ cleanings and other treatments can be very expensive if you have to pay ‘out of pocket’. Of course, if you need to go and get this done, you may not have much choice. I like a particular dental irrigator for oral health although it may not address the above mentioned problems.

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However, maybe you can prevent these problems. Or at least, you may be able to give yourself a better chance at doing so.

You have probably heard many people talk about the fact that you shouldn’t drink so many soft drinks, energy drinks and sugary foods. But has anyone ever told you why?There are some pH balanced mouthwashes at therabreath .

The problem is the acidic nature of these drinks and foods. In the case of sugar, it can spur the rapid proliferation of bacteria which then secrete increased amounts of acid and waste on your gums and teeth. You can see how these problems can compound when you drink a lot of sugary, acidic drinks.

So, while reducing your intake of these kinds of foods can help, let’s look at it from the other side of the coin. If acidic foods and drinks can harm your dental health, what can help it?

In chemistry, the opposite of an acid would be a base. There are mouthwashes and even chewing gums that have the power to help you balance the pH in your mouth, making it more basic. Products like Oramd may have essential oils in them, remember to rebalance your mouth pH after using any products.

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