Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

A positive first impression is important in life. A nice smile and white teeth make a first impression that can last a lifetime. It is no secret that teeth lose their whiteness as we age, and that can make for a bad impression. Hollywood celebrities know this and that's why... Read More

March 30 2011

Three Nice Tips for Whitening Teeth

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Do your teeth have stains? Are your teeth discolored? Are you having trouble smiling openly because you are embarrassed? For fear of people being put off by the color of your teeth, are you keeping your lips tightly closed? You can do many things, though, to improve your smile, which is good news. Whitening teeth is not something only reserved for dentists any longer. You can use plenty of techniques to whiten your teeth on your own at home, making your smile lovelier. You can create a more beautiful smile by implementing the teeth whitening suggestions in this article.

Eat healthy and natural foods. Dark colored foods can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Staining and discoloration of your teeth is usually the result of damaged enamel which can be caused by foods with a lot of preservatives and sugar. If your diet is high in fresh, healthy food that is completely natural, you will increase the resistance of your teeth to cavities and other problems. By chewing them, certain natural foods help whiten your teeth which also improves your overall oral hygiene. Strawberries are a great example of this.

Some studies have shown that strawberries are great for whitening teeth. Using a paste or just directly applying slices to your teeth can help whiten them up. This paste is then brushed onto the surfaces of your teeth like you would a toothpaste. You have to wait five minutes or so to get the best benefit from the paste. You then have to floss well to get all the seeds out from between your teeth. The drawback to this method is it can break down the enamel on your teeth.

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If you have tried a lot of teeth whitening tips already and nothing has worked, it might be time to consider professional cosmetic dentistry. You could consider getting veneers if your smile is embarrassing you. Veneers will make your smile lovelier without requiring a full commitment from you, like with dentures or implants. If you need to, you can have them removed later on. Remember, cosmetic dentistry should be used as a last resort and only on a healthy mouth. It shouldn’t be considered a substitute for good oral care or normal dentistry.

Having a stained or discolored smile is something everyone wants to avoid. Luckily, you can make your smile lovely again because there are plenty of things to help you do it. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about smiling. The teeth whitening suggestions in this article can be employed right away. With a little research you will surely find many more ideas that you can implement to help you recover your bright, white smile. You can repair any staining or discoloration. You simply need to be ready to show the world your beautiful teeth.

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