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May 07 2011

Things that You Need to Know about Bleeding Gums

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Did you know that bleeding gums is an indication that a person is lack of proper oral care? And, the major cause of bleeding gums is bacteria. So if you don’t properly clean your mouth, the food particles and residue will stay and plaque will form. In time, the plaque formation becomes excessive and it will become the suitable ground for bacteria to lodge and breed. Thus, it will lead to dental problems or diseases like reddishness, irritability and a bleeding gums resulting from gingivitis or periodontal disease. You can also have bleeding gums if you brush your teeth too hard.

Other causes of bleeding gums maybe the onset of diseases such as gingivitis; seen in individuals with swollen and tender gums. This disease is caused by lack of oral hygiene due to the excessive growth of bacteria inside the mouth feeding on the plaque and tartar formed in the tooth and around the gums. This will later lead to bleeding of the gums which should have been prevented by regular brushing and flossing of the teeth.

Periodontal problems will result from gingivitis that is left untreated. Gingivitis is a gum disease that will progress to damage of the bones supporting the teeth, recession of the gum lines and eventually, immature falling of the teeth or teeth loss.

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Usually the signs and symptoms of this type of disease are bleeding and swelling of the gums, halitosis or bad breath and pus formation, and reddish or purplish discoloration of the gums. Sometimes this kind of disease will result to degenerative disease such as stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, brushing the teeth too hard will also damage the gums, and will cause erosion to the teeth minerals and enamel, thus increases the sensitivity of the teeth to acidic level. The gums can also become tender due to hormonal changes that normally occur particularly during the periods of pregnancy, puberty and menopause. Deficiency of the nutrients needed for healthy gums like Vitamin C and K would also result to bleeding gums. Other factors that would lead to this kind of condition may include the use of improperly fitting dentures, insufficient flossing procedure, excessive smoking and chewing of tobacco, and even the use of certain medications such as nasal spray, oral contraceptives and anti-depressant drugs.