Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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August 22 2010

There Are Numerous Techniques That Can Be Used In Aesthetic Dentistry

The joining of science and art happens in cosmetic dentistry to produce the best appearance and the best functioning. More than ever in the history of mankind, people give importance to good looks in the present scenario. A faultlessly shaped jaw line, an unblemished set of teeth and the consequential pleasant features of the face augment appearance to a considerable extent.  Widely practiced dental cures are enamel shaping, teeth whitening, bonding, dental contouring, installing dental bridges, veneer bonding, gum lifting etc. You can make your yellow teeth gleaming white again with bleaching. Enamel shaping is a very intricate process by which tiny chips of enamel are removed to enhance the shape of the tooth. Jagged, overlapped, chipped teeth can be corrected by way of contouring or reshaping. These are just some of the most common procedures of cosmetic dentistry

Another popular cosmetic dentistry practice is known as cosmetic dentistry, where teeth enamel like material is applied on the tooth’s surface. The tooth bond hardens, the dentist contours it and shines it up where it actually looks like a complete tooth. The gap formed by missing teeth may be treated using dental bridges. These are fake teeth set with the help of two porcelain crowns at both the ends, False teeth help to improve speech and prevent gum diseases, but proper care ought to be taken to increase its service life.

Veneers are extremely useful for closing up gaps and covering up discolored teeth. These extremely thin laminates are directly attached to the teeth. The gum lift reshapes and raises the gum line and provides about a balanced look to your teeth line. Dental fillings and other refurbishments done in gold and metalic in olden days are replaced by composite materials like porcelain to have a tempting natural look.

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Dentistry that involves cometics is very well know these days. Many are opting for it to improve their appearance. Oral hygiene and treatment of diseases were given importance in traditional dentistry where as the new unconventional flow focuses on improving the overall looks of the teeth, mouth, smile etc. In addition to that certain cosmetic practices like tooth filling can prevent tooth decay. Cosmetic surgery has now become affordable and obtainable to all unlike yesteryears due to breakthroughs in technology.