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November 22 2010

The Various Forms Of Night Mouth Guards To Guard Anyone From Grinding Teeth In Sleep

If you have been suffering from clenching or grinding, then you have probably heard of a mouth guard for grinding teeth in sleep. A mouth guard is simply a covering worn over your teeth and this will be able to help you in protecting them from damage when you start grinding your teeth at night when you are asleep.

The main sorts of mouth guard for grinding teeth are Stock Mouth Protectors, Boil and Bite, and the Custom Fitted mouth guards. Here are the outlines of the following kinds of mouth guard.

1.Stock Mouth Protectors : These protectors are ready to wear and are the least dear form of mouth guard. They can be acquired from sports stores a malls, but the issue is that they’re not changed to fit you in particular. Due to this they can make it difficult to respire and talk properly, and don’t fundamentally defend your teeth well. Dentists don’t suggest that you use this kind of mouth guard.

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2.Boil and Bite : These kind of mouth guards are also available to buy from sports stores and can fit a little better. You put it into hot water where it softens, when you then place it on your teeth to form it. This can help it to fit better and be more comfortable.

3.Custom Fitted Mouth Guards : These kinds of mouth guards are individually designed by dentists and pros. They base it on an impression of your teeth and the mouth guard is then molded from that. These mouth guards are more costlier due to their custom nature, but are the best kind of mouth guard you may have.


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You may not have the time to do it every day but even a few days a week will be enough to help reduce stress levels. This will help prevent you from chipping and even losing teeth as a result of your teeth grinding. Tooth Grinding They may not even know that they have bruxism until they start to notice the symptoms.