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January 27 2012

The Two Main Stages of Periodontal Disorder

Just about the most essential things that you should bear in mind with regards to periodontal disease is that it comes in two degrees.  The first one is known as gingivitis as the succeeding one is the actual occurrence of periodontal disease, or otherwise known as periodontitis.  By having acquainted with these two stages, you would actually know what to do to avoid level one (gingivitis) from existing which would then on result to not experiencing the next phase which is periodontitis.  This article provides you with a review of the two main phases of a periodontal disease.

Gingivitis, the first stage of periodontal disease, is a difficult kind of condition.  Why is this so?  This is really because many people mistake gingivitis as a normal occurrence of pain caused by some other external factors.  The said belief is totally false.  One must be completely meticulous of these cases of discomfort since gingivitis can be very discrete.  At some point, you wouldn’t really even know that it is currently there.  Hence, it is important to pay attention to some symptoms of gingivitis like gum discoloration as well as gum sensitivity.

Whenever gingivitis gets worse, that’s when it is referred to as periodontal disease or even periodontitis.  This is the stage when the effects are actually very visible and felt.  At this point, the victim may go through difficulty in eating, talking and even breathing because of severe gum damage and succeeding loss of tooth.  At times, periodontitis also comes in many types.  Some examples include chronic periodontitis, periodontitis in relation to systemic illnesses, necrotizing periodontitis, and aggressive periodontitis.  When a person already has this, he or she might need to go through various surgical treatments to completely eliminate it.

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Fortunately, there are a lot of periodontal disease treatment options that certain person can choose from.  It might also have to rely on what level is that person on with regards to the intensity of the disease.  For gingivitis, a person may succumb to medications prescribed by the dentist.  These include antibiotics, ointments, or some other stuff that might help eliminate the plaque buildup as well as discomfort.  For the periodontal disease stage, it may have to include methods such as root canal as well as surgery.  When an intense situation of periodontitis happens, mere surgery might not be enough as the disease has become very widespread to manage.

Nevertheless, rather than concentrating on remedies, dealing with periodontal disease requires you to come up with preventive measures.  This is to ensure that any instances of dental health issues such as periodontitis wouldn’t come up.  A classic illustration would be to exercise appropriate dental hygiene.  Through this, bacterial accumulation will be stopped from square one thus stopping the potential spread of the disorder.