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January 19 2011

The Top 3 Mouth Guards In Professional Sports – Part Three – A Hillbilly Mouth Guard Dante Cunningham

One of the funniest and most unique mouth guards in any of professional competitive sports is most likely Dante Cunningham’s hill billy like mouth piece.  This unique mouth piece makes it looks as if he’s several ” pearly white’s ” knocked out (to be honest my wife despises this mouth piece due to this).  It truly is comical, if anything, and it acts the extra function of safe guarding his pearly whites from the bump and grind he performs on a game by game progression.

Let’s look at the reasons why the man would need a mouth piece first.  Dante Cunningham is usually a sleek professional. I recall looking at him consequently while i viewed him perform during summer league.  This individual had been good offensively and in all probability the most effective scorer on the summer league workforce. We needed to sign this person and then we did (luckily, it absolutely was an ideal choice).  This individual is known for a sweet mid-range jumper that is definitely virtually a layup each time this individual shoots it.

At this point let’s discuss just what exactly he has been asked to try and do since then.  The Blazers have gotten big incidents at the Center job and thus Dante seems to have picked up duties there.  He continues to be expected to do the particular dirty work of down low such as: rebounding, setting picks, and bumping/guarding the biggest adult men in the National Basketball Association. In addition, he has been fearless in order to leap with regard to loose balls and hustle for offensive and defensive rebounds.  It’s not his main game, nevertheless he’s willing and competent to complete these sort of elements.

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That’s where he desires his mouth piece essentially the most.  Mainly because he is become a down low/dirty work form of player, his mouth piece is actually necessary to guard his particular pearly whites within the prospective problems that might be inflicted on them all. He might take elbows, forearms, legs, or whatever to the face and this man really should safeguard himself.  The guy must secure himself from a visit to a sedation dentist who at the same time does dental implant surgery (ala Carl Landry). To be honest; any one of those hits, having intention, from an National Basketball Association big fella is similar tosleep dentistryanyhow.

This mouth piece seems as if he’s got teeth missing and it is definitely very funny.  I do not know if he realizes it or otherwise not but that is what it really seems like and i individually get a chuckle when he gets into a game.  It’s hard not to laugh when you initially check out the mouth piece.  Especially due to the fact he’s a pretty large black person and clearly not really a hill billy.  It is an excellent contrast and a good choice of mouth piece style for him.