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January 30 2010

The Smile Shop Presents its Zoom3 Packages

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The Smile Shop presents its brand new Zoom3 Teeth Whitening packages! Australia, December 24th, 2009: The Smile Shop is recognized for its speciality in teeth Whitening and other cosmetic procedures and treatments. It is one of the largest cosmetic dentistry Clinique in Australia. The Smile Shop is extended all across Australia and is allied with recognized dental practises in each state of the continent. The Smile Shop is the first and the most accepted dental practice in the country to give Zoom Whitening Technology.It started with Zoom 1 technology and stalked its way to more innovative and effectual Zoom2 expertise.

Nevertheless now their team of enthusiastic and country’s topmost cosmetic dentists have come with the brand new revolutionary Zoom 3 Technology! In this latest Zoom 3 technology, your teeth are out in the open for a much shorter while to chemicals and the laser beam. The results of this treatment are surprisingly whiter teeth, which are up to 5 – 6 shades lighter than formerly! The new-found Zoom3 is a 45 minutes in-chair teeth treatment, which uses a radical process. With the specialist direction of Dr Levi, this practice is protected, speedy and operational.

In just an hour, in reality, under an hour, your teeth will become just what you always visualized, glowing white and clean! That too without any torture. After introducing their most modern technology, the teeth whitening sydney is happy to introduce an remarkable Zoom 3 package for its clientele. The package consist of the following: Free Professional Discussion Zoom3! Advanced Power 45 minute In-Chair Whitening Session with practised dentists Custom Fitted Whitening Trays 1 box of 9.5% whitening Maintenance Gel that comes with up to 3 years worth of preservation product! All this at a Exclusive Smile Shop Price: $890.00 /RRP $1340.00!! So run and welcome this New Year with a pristine and lovely smile! About Smile Shop: It is Australia’s number one Cosmetic Dentistry office control by renowned dentist Dr Mark Levi, particularly famous for its exceedingly effectual Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments.

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