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January 29 2010

The Revolutionary Procedure Called Invisalign

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Invisalign gives you a straighter smile and is a wonderful alternative to the metal based option in use today. Invisalign’s snug fitting plastic components are a better way of aligning teeth than using wires and metal braces. This has become very popular these days with lots of grown up people interested in setting right crooked teeth. Once you go through this article you will be able to decide if Invisalign is the correct option for your dental condition. Read this site if you want braces information.


A new dimension was added to orthodontics when Align Technology introduced Invisalign in 1999. The process involves a series of plastic appliances designed to gradually move teeth to the desired position. For aesthetics and comfort, these appliances made of plastic score heavily compared to the metal braces of the past. Being removable, these appliances do not hinder the process of eating or cleaning teeth. That is why maintaining dental hygiene during the treatment is so easy for the patients

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Computer simulation is a technique used before the Invisalign procedure for creating 3D images of the current and proposed states of teeth. The 20 to 30 appliances that are created for use during the entire procedure are based on the computer images created earlier. An approximately two week period is required for each of these appliances to do its job and to proceed with the next one. In every four to six weeks, the patients are supposed to go for appointments and get the development in their teeth inspected after which they are given the consecutive group of appliances.


Most adults complete their Invisalign treatments in one year or less. The precise time for an Invisalign treatment for different individuals is bound to be dissimilar. When the collective effects for equipments are taken into consideration instead on movements with single ones, and then only you realize how good they are. Results are very satisfactory for majority of adults who use the Invisalign procedure. Read this site if you want orthodontics sydney information.


Invisalign braces are much more artistic and clean for using when seen in comparison with the regular metal brackets. Invisalign appliances can be removed from the mouth for eating and brushing the teeth. Since no food bits are caught and brushing teeth is also easy, they have a big advantage over the metal appliances. Apart from everything, the Invisalign equipment also must be worn for a minimum of 20 hours in a day and removed only when important to be able to reach the required outcome.


The best feature of Invisalign is that it is very beneficial for patients whose teeth are either over packed or are very far from each other. Treatment of overjet, overbite and even crossbite becomes easy through them. At times Invisalign are taken into use when some kind of degeneration takes places after the regular orthodontic therapy. Upgradation of equipments means that its area of usage will also increase because of their potency to attain extrusions and rotation.


Being not very visible, these appliances are specially favorites for teenagers who are in a very unstable age and do not want a metallic look in their mouth. Teens who feel Invisalign is the right choice for them will be glad to find that there is an especially intended product for them only. Invisalign Teen not only has the ability to give strength to manage several teen orthodontic issues, it also provides artistic advantages. The time when these appliances need to be switched is indicated to the orthodontist by the wear indicator present in them.


If you think the best orthodontic treatment for you will be Invisalign, then you must search for an expert in that field who will carry your treatment properly. Equipments related to Invisalign can be handled with both certified dentists as well as orthodontists. Your doctor is an expert and has some official recognition in Invisalign and has done the same treatment for some patients earlier also. Invisalign can give you a straighter smile without the need for traditional orthodontic treatments.