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January 21 2010

The Medicaid Dentistry Alternative: Get The Facts

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During this period of deprivation seen throughout the United States, among the most imperative concerns proclaimed from surveys of the hundreds of thousands of impoverished Americans wrestling with their household budgets has been the ability to afford adequate health coverage, and, as the heaping list of new subscribers to Medicaid dentistry coverage has made more than clear, modern insurance entails more than just ordinary illnesses or hospitalization due to accidents.

Indeed, with so many different aspects to medical coverage (and the governmental substitute, in particular) affecting the twenty first century family, Medicaid dentistry now seems as hotly demanded as the traditional forms of care for physical ailments. In many cases, the cost of private dental care well exceeds the financial limitations of even two income households, and, without the potential benefits of Medicaid dentistry to offer salvation, those Americans suffering through the direst need for such services would find themselves without hope of reversing tooth problems.

Despite the availability of Medicaid dentistry for those citizens fully qualified to take advantage of the state programs, there still exists a severe gap between dental care provisos and the services actually used by the men and women needing such aid. Within Medicaid dentistry, there’s a vaunting gulf between the accessibility of insurance coverage and the quality that is provided by those professionals who’ve agreed to work with the state and accept the inevitably constrained (sometimes sharply constrained) payment options which all of the public health plans – from Medicaid dentistry to Medicaid nursing homes – must feature to stay within the limited state budgets.

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Unfortunately, though this is the exact opposite of the intentions of the ground breaking legislators behind Medicaid Dentistry, studies have shown that the greatest disparities existing within Medicaid dentistry tend to fall upon the weakest members of our society: minorities, children, and the elderly.

Statistically, those participants in the Medicaid dental care program formally classified as children – that is, under the age of nineteen – receive substantially less dental care than has been recommended for their biological age of development. This alarming discrepancy, above and beyond the tragic contrast between reality and the governmental Medicaid dentistry requirements (much less the original hopes of the Medicaid dentistry founders), has already demonstrated more corrosive repercussions than mere accusations of hypocrisy around our government.

Recent reports by qualified outlets dedicated to analyzing the Medicaid dentistry field have shown that, even though Medicaid dentistry does fulfill the scared charge of providing dental assistance to the less fortunate Americans, it does so only to a certain point, and fewer than twenty percent of the children enrolled in a Medicaid dentistry program end up receiving any preventative care annually at all.

If only one fifth of the children deemed eligible for the Medicaid dentistry plan truly benefit from what many dental authorities rightfully consider to be the most important aspect of oral care – preventative maintenance – than can anyone involved with the government Medicaid dentistry program genuinely argue that Medicaid dentistry has done its job?

In fact, children who subscribe to Medicaid dentistry coverage are far more likely to suffer from dental caries and accompanying tooth decay, and, while there are certainly extraneous statistical aberrations to be expected among children living in lower income brackets, these findings nonetheless suggest that the grand design of Medicaid dentistry has failed the young, impoverished Americans who most needed such services.

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