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April 21 2011

The Indicators and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease?

By understanding the warning signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, you will be better prepared for this condition. In many situations, periodontal disease can be prevented. If you choose to start to feel the pain and discomfort that some of the the signs of periodontal disease might cause, then it is time for it to start using a therapy option. The good thing is you can often slow the progress of this disease or maybe reverse it by improving your oral cleanliness or taking other treatment steps. Nevertheless, you need to know when to expect it to occur and that means learning the symptoms of periodontal disease.

There are several symptoms of periodontal disease. A few of them are definitely more severe than others. Further, as the stages of the condition progress, if you notice additional symptoms, including symptoms connected to other locations of your body. Listed below are one of the most important and quite a few significant symptoms of periodontal disease.

1.      You have bad breath. However, once you brush your teeth properly, the bad breath does not subside. This is due to build up of gasses in the mouth that can come from the bacteria present.

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2.      You have red and swollen gums. Thiscan also be another indication of the condition. The swelling and redness are due to the redness of the gums a result of the invading bacteria.

3.      You can experience loose teeth. This takes place as the condition worsens. Should you have symptoms of periodontal disease like this, this indicates the situation has spread so much in fact that the gums will no longer be holding the teeth in position properly. The underlying jaw bone may also be affected.

4.      You might have tender and bleeding gums as well. This takes place a result of the inflammation in the gum itself. You can feel it when you touch the gums, but will also notice blood in the sink after brushing your teeth.

5.      Another symptom is sensitive teeth. If your teeth are understanding of cold or hot, or simply to touch, this means the symptoms of periodontal disease are present and have reached the tooth’s root.

6.      You often have receding gums or longer appearing teeth. This takes place as the bacteria reduces the gum tissue.
It’s important to know these symptoms are not just an average sign of aging. For women, be sure to treat periodontal disease before pregnancy.

Comprehending the symptoms of periodontal disease will let you up your treatment procedures and assist you to overcome this health issue. It is best to work towards increasing the condition without delay.