Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 31 2010

The Health of Your Teeth and Gums – Special Needs

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This fictional character expresses the point of view of a patient with special dental needs:  

 I am an ortho patient – that is what my dentist tells me.  He suggests that I visit the hygienist regularly for my oral prophylaxis.  I have been too religious in doing so but I feel that it is so expensive for me to maintain regularly seeing the hygienist.  I feel that it sometimes becomes impractical.  Of course I know, I need extra care now that I am wearing fixed appliance in my mouth.  I can observe how my gums look inflamed after three months of not seeing my hygienist.  It made me realize that I still need to do home care to keep my gums healthy and my breath fresh all the time.

Sometimes I hate how my breath smells, it feels so dry and I have many sores.  I feel that it is beginning to be a burden to me and of course my orthodontist and hygienist.  I asked the patients, I am familiar with, at the dental office of my orthodontist which happens to be their orthodontist also. 

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They suggested the use of oral irrigator since it would not be easy to use floss all the time.  It might just cause me to skip flossing and do nothing but brushing which we all know is not sufficient to clean the teeth at this time. 

They even suggested a mouthwash that is all-natural and chemical-free.  It is not harsh to the gums – it freshens as it cleans and prevents cavities.  Whoa!  What a relief?!  I have wanted something like this all my life.  I use floss but I could not stand it that I needed to do it on a daily basis.  It is time consuming and it makes my gums really sensitive.  It has been causing my gums to bleed endlessly.

Here are three tools that might be helpful for someone’s home care in a situation like this.

1. The hydroflosshydrofloss oral irrigator.  This powerful device can help to reduce the buildup of plaque and bacteria. 

 2. ;Therabreath mouthrinse to help keep the mouth pH regulated and that might help fight the germs that can cause bad breath and gum disease

3. Essential oils, like those in oramd – however, this alone is not enough. You should focus on the mechanical break up of plaque on a daily basis.

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