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January 21 2010

The Florida Medicaid Dentist Shortage: What You Need To Know

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All of the regulations which guide Florida Medicaid dentist practices have been formulated by state authorities – or, potentially, for some parts of the state, county officials – under the guiding wisdom of federal legislators who have continued to tinker with the original Social Security Act amendment granting health care to less fortunate Americans these past forty years.

Indeed, current law requires that all eligible children up to the age of twenty one who have been deemed eligible to receive benefits from a Florida Medicaid dentist shall be annually guaranteed exams, fluoride and prophylaxis treatments, and preventative, restorative and emergency services as medically warranted. Even so, it’s become increasingly apparent that not every child qualified to receive necessary assistance from a Florida Medicaid dentist has taken the full and proper advantage of the program’s associated benefits.

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Some commentators claim that a full quarter of formally qualified youths within our state are either unaware of the legally guaranteed Florida Medicaid dentist program – rather, to clarify, that their parents and guardians are unaware of the benefits to be found by employing one of the Florida Medicaid dentist services – or that the Florida Medicaid dentist system has simply failed its youngest residents despite the children’s unquestioned eligibility as well as medical needs.

Interestingly, with so many Florida children who may both need and deserve the care bestowed by a Florida Medicaid dentist woefully ignoring professional guidance regardless of the governmentally mandated directives, it may initially appear that under-use rather than under-provision has been the primary factor fueling the discrepancy. This would certainly be the primary excuse tossed around the halls of the Florida legislature by politicians worried about public health spending, but, unfortunately, the larger problems corroding children’s teeth around the Sunshine State lead back to the question of Florida Medicaid dentist availability.

Unfortunately, the inability to find a Florida Medicaid dentist with ease is largely due to low provider participation. Often the result of meager reimbursements when compared with the private health insurance companies (a sadly inescapable result of the state budgetary crises), the available Florida Medicaid dentist pool has significantly dried up, particularly away from the cities.

For many low-income families, transportation can be an enormous impediment that more affluent families might never experience, and finding one’s way to a Florida Medicaid dentist office can be a daunting task for anyone reliant upon public transportation or pedestrian travel, a situation compounded by the scarcity of dental professionals accepting those patients who utilize the care of a Florida Medicaid dentist.

Streamlining administrative procedures and improving the ease with which a Florida Medicaid dentist can seek reimbursement will almost certainly have a positive impact on use, quality and overall dental health for those in need. For unknown reasons, a Florida Medicaid dentist specializing in pediatrics will be far more likely to participate within the governmental program than dental care practitioners working in general dentistry.

Whether this is a result of being more enamored with enamel or their deep love of children is widely debated, but, perhaps, a Florida Medicaid dentist who accepts the less fortunate patients might simply be more philanthropic, with a stronger belief that children truly are the future, than their stingier counterparts. From any perspective, the stratification in dental care runs contrary to everything the United States should stand for, and, with the financial resources assured and a still ample Florida Medicaid dentist legion ready to aid eligible children, there’s no reason why anyone must grow up around our state with less than perfect teeth.

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