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July 23 2010

The Dangers Of Mixing Smoking And Oral Health

Among the top bad habits that many people have learned to acquire, smoking is perhaps the worst. Most especially cigarette smoking. If having stained teeth is just the bad side effect of smoking, it would not have caused much concern in the medical field. But we all know that is not the only thing that we should be worried about. Smoking and oral health do not mix, because the result would be devastating to our health.

For so many years, doctors and dentists like Dr. Jonathan Hartley for example, has been advocating the stop smoking call. These medical experts know the facts behind the effects of smoking to our health. While perhaps the most commonly known diseased caused by smoking is cancer, from cancer of the throat to cancer of the mouth, the real number one smoking related disease is heart disease. Yes, smoking does affect even the heart.

These are based on facts, from researches and studies conducted by various medical institutions to help solve the problems of smoking and oral health, to be exact. Periodontis, a kind of gum disease that causes the gums to deteriorate, is among the top diseases that can be connected to smoking. Studies have shown that around 17 percent of smokers suffer from periodontis. But that is not all. Quite alarming is the fact that smoking can severely damage our immune system, making us vulnerable to a number of diseases and viruses.

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One of the most feared forms of cancer, and again it can be caused by heavy smoking, is mouth cancer. This type of cancer is deadly simply because detecting it during its early stages of development is very hard. For this reason, dentists like Dr. Jonathan Hartley strongly suggest that we should visit our dentists on a more regular basis. Because the problem with most people is that they only go to the dentist when they start to feel pain or discomfort. Preventive dentistry can help us avoid most oral and dental diseases.

If there are deadly diseases caused by smoking, of course there are those that are less scary but still imposes some problems. One is bad breath which is very common among the chain smokers. All of us know at least one person who is a smoker whose breath constantly smells like cigarettes or something else that is foul.

Therefore if you are thinking of quitting because of at least of the superficial effects of smoking to our teeth and mouth, most dentists say that you should increase your brushing and flossing. Aside from preventing periodontis and other oral diseases, brushing and flossing is also said to help curb the desire to smoke. Now, not only can you make your teeth cleaner and your breath fresher, but you will be on your way to completely turning your back on this very nasty habit.

The medical experts have for so many years raised the warning flag against smoking. Dentists like Dr. Jonathan Hartley have been at the forefront of those in the medical field who would love to see less people smoking. What do you get from smoking cigarettes? You get heart disease, emphysema, lung diseases, cancer and other deadly diseases. Consider yourself lucky if all that you get are stained teeth and bad breath. There are more reasons why you should not smoke as compared to its benefits. Heed the call of the doctors and stop smoking right now.