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November 19 2011

The Changing Face Of Modern Dentistry As Laser Technology Emerges

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The laser as a new approach to more efficient dentistry is quite becoming the norm as people are becoming more aware of their oral health care. Pain and discomfort are the major causes of people’s apathy to dental procedures, but with the new lasers, dental treatment is made more comfortable. According to some patients, the procedure was done in no time without much fuss. A female patient claims that the cavity she wanted filled was finished in just 20 minutes. Thank you for reading about cosmetic dentistry sydney and dentistry.

The concern of more conservative dentists is the high cost of lasers, hence the enthusiasm is not quite high at this point. A budget of $30,000 or less is enough to acquire a dental chair, X ray machine, drills and other necessary dental equipment, but a much higher budget of about $40,000 is needed to buy just one hard tissue laser. With the seemingly growing clamor from patients, laser promoters believe that laser will be an ordinary commodity in the dental office soon. Growing demand from patients can help set off competition which can bring prices down. Peers are expected to identify with the group, hence pressure from the group is something that cannot be ignored.

Friends do share all kinds of experiences, even those with their dentists. Word of mouth is the most effective form of promoting good dentistry. Laser technology has significantly transformed the practice of dentistry from the conventional to the high tech.

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The emergence of the air turbine drill in the 1950s and early 1960s marked a momentous change in the way dentistry is practiced. Unlike the conventional drill that produces vibration and noise, it can reach a speed of 150,000 rotations in a minute. For many dentists, this marked the dawn of better dental practice. If you like this article on dentistry visit cosmetic dentists sydney for more education.

The president of the respected Academy of Laser Dentistry proudly admits that he attended the pioneer class on high speed drills. Learning how high speed drills work was a new learning experience and so, the students had to buy their individual hand pieces for the drills. The president quipped that there’s no way you would go back to a Chevy if you’ve been driving a Ferrari for the past two years.

After acquiring his first laser in 1990, he found out that indeed the laser works well in gum procedures. In order to prevent bleeding and swelling, the laser cauterizes soft tissue, virtually eliminating the need for stitches. Air turbine drills are still being used by most dentists because they are cautiously waiting when prices of lasers will go down. Because of the large budget needed, doctors need some time to weigh their options before adopting newer technology

For dentists who are using the drill, they see little difference between the drill and the laser, but a considerable gap between their prices. Because there is no necessity for anesthesia if lasers are used, it makes dental chair time much shorter. Minimal or no damage is done to the enamel as the laser creates a crater like hole on the tooth surface in a way that will ensure that the filling material will adhere properly to the tooth.