Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 23 2010

The Best Tooth Whitening Agents

The Best Teeth Whitening Products

Does smiling at yourself in the mirror make you wince? Is your smile marred by stains Have your teeth turned from white to light brown or yellow due to discoloration? Do you still notice these problems even after a professional cleaning? Fortunately there are things you can do at home to whiten your smile. There are many options when it comes to teeth whitening products. Today we will discuss the best and most affordable teeth whitening products.

One of the top whitening toothpastes today is Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Fluoride Toothpaste. While there are brands such as Rembrandt that have been around for decades, Crest has only entered the whitening toothpaste game in the last few years. This toothpaste, as well as removing old stains, is designed to prevent new stains from setting in. This toothpaste has gotten great reviews for its efficacy as well as impressed with its taste. Users also say that it makes their teeth feel professionally polished without having to go see the dentist. It’s on par with other toothpastes as far as price.

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The white insides of orange peels are also excellent to use as teeth whiteners. You can either rub the peel directly onto your teeth (not unlike what you would do as a kid when you’d put the peel in your mouth and then smile around it) or you can smash it up and mix it with some bay leaves to form an organic kind of whitening tooth paste. Both of these ways work well, but you probably will not like the taste when you add the bay leaves.

If you can withstand the sour taste of lemons, you can use lemon juice as a natural teeth whitener. Mix lemon juice with salt and brush it on your teeth. Let the mixture stay on your teeth for a few minutes and then brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth entirely. The salt turns into an agent that scrubs and helps to brush and get rid of stains. Lemon is popular in other kinds of cleaning as well and it may be the tastiest of the natural teeth whiteners (if you can stand eating regular lemons). You have the option to use lemon juice directly from the fruit or buy the juice from your local grocer.

They are many kinds of well known tooth whiteners that you can opt for. Seek the advice of your dentist about which method would be best for you. If you experience any cavity problems, you may want to just ask your dentist to perform a whitening session. However, if you have a healthy smile, you should be able to use any tooth whitening product available.

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