Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 24 2009

Teeth Whitening Tips – An Overall View on How to Whiten Teeth

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The process of whitening the teeth invaded our modern society like Robin Hood’s arrow. Even kids want to have their teeth whitened. This has something to do with celebrities having some pretty strong influence on the present setting. Well anyways as long as the procedure is concerned, there is nothing wrong with that because it is a hygienic kind of habit. There is nothing bad in the process itself unless done inappropriately. Before you start your journey to your dentist clinic, you have to consider many things first.

What is this Process all About

The method or process of teeth whitening has been around for quite some time now but only few are knowledgeable enough what this process is all about, how it is being done, where to have it, who to have it and who’s going to do it. Well basically the person who’s properly responsible for carrying out this job is none other than the dentist. It was supposed to be done in the professional dental clinic to have a better supervision of the process.

Hot Teeth Whitening Topic

This process is definitely not for everybody. It is hypothetically strictly reserved for those who have discolored or yellowish teeth. Not anybody who just wanted to undergo the process even without teeth discoloration problem could have it. Doing so may result in an undesirable teeth damage or worse, losing of all the teeth.

To have a better understanding of the entire process, let’s take a quick look:

  • Teeth whitening are a process slightly different from teeth bleaching as what is frequently being thought. The former is a process we do regularly like brushing and flossing. This is the most common form of whitening the teeth, in other words keeping the teeth free from dirt and stains using every legitimate elements and procedures required can be considered already as one, while teeth bleaching on the other hand is a slightly different process involving deep cleaning of the teeth that goes beyond the enamel without actually damaging it. Bleaching agents were used in bleaches and it can be absent in teeth whiteners.
  • The process of whitening (not bleaching) the teeth has many variations. It can be an in-clinic session wherein the entire method is assisted by a dental expert and this too has many processes. There were many options for this technique including laser assisted procedure, veneers, the conventional strong gel and paste approach, etc.
  • Natural and herbal procedures, home-based kits and teeth whitener pens may employ totally different processes, methods and concentration of ingredients but they, just like any other processes have only one thing in common, to whiten teeth using the same key elements. The only thing relative to them is the time element they were supposed to have their effect.
  • A laser-assisted procedure as the name suggests uses laser lights to activate the whiteners contained in specialized gels and pastes that aid in whitening the teeth.
  • Teeth whitener pens contain highly concentrated whiteners that can be used conveniently anytime.
  • All processes employing the aid of dentists may cost significantly high compared to those home-based processes or those that is done outside the clinic.

Regardless of the method, all teeth whitening processes do have a significant effect if used properly. It is just a matter of how it is being used.

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