Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 26 2010

Teeth Whitening: The Hottest Dental Treatment

Teeth whitening is perhaps the hottest trend right now in cosmetic dentistry.  You see the ads everyplace:  one hour whitening, Zoom, Crest White Strips, home bleaching kits.  But which of these are the best option, and just why as they all so popular?

It’s true that many people are choosing whitening products they can buy in the drug store, however as a rule, you can’t match the efficacy of in-office dental bleaching procedures Hence , more and more people are electing to have professional bleaching, despite its higher price tag and sometimes greater time commitment .

However, thanks to the innovation of laser bleaching, a speedy in-office procedure that takes an hour or so, dental bleaching has reached a whole new level of popularity.  This new procedure has become a very lucrative procedure for many dental offices, and for good reason :  it works, and it is fast.

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The laser can only get teeth so much whiter in one session .  Therefore , many dentists also suggest the additional usage of a home bleaching system , both to lighten the teeth several more shades and to keep them light and reduce new stains over the long term .

This results in a dual-income stream for dentists, with the larger up-front fees for the laser teeth whitening procedure, and the recurring fees for the trays and bleaching agent .  In fact, at many dental practices, it is the bleaching treatments that bring in the most cash .

Given this, it’s logical for many dentists to devote a substantial amount of their advertising budget to marketing teeth whitening , since it gives them the highest R.O.I. of any marketing campaign . In our Los Angeles marketing firm, we promote teeth whitening through mailings, email campaigns, and online advertising, such as search engine marketing and pay per click .

From the patient’s perspective, teeth bleaching also represents a great value , because a brighter smile can dramatically improve a individual’s appearance and give them more self confidence too.  Therefore, teeth whitening offers a chance for dentists to make money and help patients at the same time . 

As we at the Los Angeles Internet Marketing company believe, promoting teeth whitening is an ethical way for dentists to grow income while still providing their patients the full range of day to day dental services, including regular checkups and dental cleanings .